At the meeting of multi-institutional cooperation of cooperating entities – Banská Bystrica district, we addressed the topic of the possibilities and limits of the cooperation of entities in the prevention and elimination of domestic violence. In addition to the entities of the non-profit sector, representatives of the District Prosecutor’s Office, the District Directorate of PZ, representatives of the Department of Socio-legal Protection of Children and Social Guardianship, as well as representatives of the Information Office for Victims of Violence of the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic, representatives of our project partner Banskobystrica self-governing region and others took part in this meeting. The discussion opened up several important topics in the protection of victims from violence, as well as the possibility of mutual cooperation. At the same time, we had the opportunity to present the project Staviame Mosty Pomoci and its activities. These meetings contribute to the cooperation of several entities, and thus we all strive to effectively help victims of violence and contribute to their protection and safety.