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The topic of violence against children is a difficult but necessary topic that should not only be talked about, but also tried to be solved. But how to provide effective support and help to the child if I feel that something is wrong? How to reduce the risk of sexual abuse of children?

Let’s look at it objectively – the biggest risk is the lack of aware adults. And so, thanks to the project Staviame Mosty Pomoci, we help train those who work with children – teachers, counselors, psychologists and educators. We want them to know what to do to keep the children safe, but at the same time our goal is to teach them how to help properly when they see something is wrong.

What does “Bruises on the Soul I” education solve?

Professional education entitled “Bruises on the soul I” focuses on the issue of sexual abuse of children and secondary victimization.

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Who is the education intended for?

For teachers, educators, special educators, social workers, social counselors, psychologists, or other professionals who work with children.

The education is aimed at identifying the symptoms of sexual abuse of children, using appropriate approaches when working with them, identifying the level of danger, ways to realistically solve the situation as well as prevention against sexual abuse.

The supervisor of this educational program is Centrum Slniečko, n. o., Nitra.

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Date of education:

19/10/2022 or 09/11/2022