As part of the information campaign of the project Staviame Mosty Pomoci and as part of the activities of our counseling and intervention center, we discussed with students the topic: What to watch out for in partner relationships – how not to become a victim or a violent person?

This workshop showed young people how to recognize inappropriate expressions in our mutual relationships – in families, at school, in partner relationships – and how to prevent them.

A team of our colleagues participated in the workshop: a lawyer, a psychologist and a social worker. About 45 students came to listen to them – we discussed several forms of violence – physical, psychological, economic, cyberbullying… and together they tried to find the right solutions and help options for several problems.

And what interested the students? In particular, the real situations of women or children – victims of domestic violence, even several of them have already met with the help of a victim of violence or bullying. And what is most important – students received the message that “there is always a solution” 😊