The event, with the participation of the president Zuzana Čaputová, is aimed not only at the celebration of the MDŽ, but also at the topic of violence against women, in its online and offline forms, whether in partner relationships or outside of them, including verbal aggression against publicly engaged women. The topic is one of its priorities and at the same time a highly topical social issue.

During her mandate, the President tried to raise awareness of the topic, promote systemic measures, and in the other period she tries to support the creation of a community of people who can help solve the problem of violence against women. Some time ago, she therefore initiated the creation of an informal network of publicly engaged women and women in leadership positions, as a tool for mutual support and defense of democratic institutions and women’s rights. At today’s event, this “WE ARE HERE” platform was presented, and at the same time, other committed actors and actresses who care about the topic were invited to help expand this community. The event featured several inspiring speeches, a space was created for discussion, as well as mutual networking and the search for cooperation breakthroughs.