In November, we completed another interesting meeting of multi-institutional cooperation of cooperating entities – now for the district of Brezno. The theme of the meeting was “Violence against women and its impact on children’s lives”. In addition to the entities of the non-profit sector, the meeting was attended by representatives of the District Prosecutor’s Office, the District Directorate of Public Safety, representatives of the department of social and legal protection of children and social guardianship, representatives of elementary schools in the city and district of Brezno, and representatives of the Center for Children and Families operating in the district of Brezno.

Through the discussion, we opened several important topics in the protection of especially child victims from violence, but we also talked about how to cooperate with each other within individual helping entities.

We also presented the project Staviame Mosty Pomoci and its activities to those present. The participants were particularly interested in the offer of the project’s educational campaign, as there were several pedagogues at the joint meeting who welcomed the opportunity to complete e.g. preventive educational program KOZMO and his adventures.